Sentics - Kollisionsprävention

Collision prevention

Occupational safety is crucial to prevent accidents and protect the health of employees. Avoidable collisions in particular can have serious consequences.

We prevent collisions and crashes between industrial trucks. By using artificial intelligence, potential hazards are identified at an early stage and preventive measures are taken to ensure the safety of employees.  

Automated AI-controlled
Collision prevention


Braking in front of people

We automatically brake vehicles when they approach people. Our comprehensive coverage is the basis for recognizing potentially dangerous situations and therefore guarantees the safety of people in the vicinity.


Vehicle warns of approaching vehicles

Collisions between industrial trucks can occur at blind junctions. We use warning systems that are activated when other vehicles approach in order to avoid collisions and at the same time prevent damage to the vehicles. This makes a significant contribution to increasing occupational safety and preventing accidents. The warning distance of the vehicles can be set individually.


Braking the vehicle

Our technology makes it possible to actively brake as soon as one industrial truck approaches another, thus avoiding collisions. With this proactive measure, we not only contribute to the safety of people, but also prevent damage to the vehicles involved, which increases the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of operations.


Protection and maintenance of infrastructure

Collisions can occur at rolling gates or other passages with critical heights when the lift mast of a forklift truck is extended. We offer infrastructure protection mechanisms, such as automatic braking devices, which are activated to prevent damage to gates or other passages when industrial trucks approach them.

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Active traffic control

Our solution makes it possible to protect people by giving different signals. We can install LED lights in the environment and light them up when vehicles are nearby, for example. We can also control projectors when people try to pass through the gates or play acoustic warning signals.


Situational warnings

Our solution enables precise traffic control in logistical environments by integrating traffic light systems and other situational warnings. These functions not only contribute to the efficient coordination of vehicle movements, but also increase safety by providing clear instructions for drivers and pedestrians.


Safe gate passage guaranteed

Industrial trucks can be dangerous for people at doorways. Safe passage is ensured by warning people in front of the door when a vehicle is approaching. At the same time, vehicle drivers are warned if there are people behind the door. There are also warnings for vehicles if the gate is not fully open to avoid possible collisions.


Digital crosswalk

Projectors are used intelligently to visualize the crossing and close it automatically when a vehicle approaches.