The first real-time visual localization for safe and efficient industrial environments

Our real-time optical localisation system is revolutionising safety and efficiency in industrial environments. Based on cameras installed in the industry, the system recognises and localises relevant objects such as industrial trucks, people, machines and objects. The information obtained is available for a wide range of applications. Personal data is not collected, so the solution is fully compliant with data protection regulations.
Sentics - Technologie
Key features of the system
We rely on computer vision and communication between AI cameras and complementary software to create an intelligent system. Anonymous data is processed to ensure data protection.
Description of the system

The infrastructure's AI system recognises and localises all relevant objects.

The driver is warned via an interface/light module (360° visibility through 4 lights).

The infrastructure system brakes the vehicle if a risk of collision is detected.

Example situation: Narrow environment with many intersections

The infrastructure AI system localizes all relevant objects from different perspectives.

Accident hazards are detected on the basis of a real-time twin of the surroundings.

Vehicles also brake when people are concealed, e.g. behind gates, doors or in narrow aisles.

Autonomous transportation

The system offers a further area of application in autonomous transportation. Fleet managers of autonomous vehicles receive real-time information about all driving areas for the first time. This means that obstacles such as pallets, manual vehicles or people can be detected at an early stage and route planning can be adapted dynamically.

Sentic’s Technology architecture at a glance 

From camera integration to API management we offer a comprehensive solution for safety monitoring and EHS management. 

We bring data protection und Sicherheit in Einklang 

Data protection right from the start

Sentics adheres to global data protection standards such as DSGVO und CCPA. 

Our platform was developed with Privacy by Design developed to ensure data security. 

We offer valuable insights and at the same time carefully protects individual information. 

Data protection measures

We use Techniques such as Face pixelation (standard and irreversible) 

3D anonymization uses deep learning algorithms to make people in workplace videos completely unrecognisable while maintaining the security context. 

The Timestamp anonymization ensures that no person can be identified by the time of an incident. 

Data security

A automated link management system restricts access based on user permissions, ensuring robust data protection.