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The challenge

At the Ardagh Metal Packaging plant in Braunschweig, the implementation of our real-time localisation system has shown that unsafe gate passages are increasingly occurring at certain gates.

Our solution

Safety has been further improved by introducing a new pathway concept in the area of the gate. An additional fence forces people far in front of the gate to make a decision between walking and travelling.


The gate passages in an observed period 14 days before and 14 days after the installation of the second fence on the walkway were reduced by 33 %.

The challenge

Process damage to deliveries Schnellecke, a leading logistics service provider, was confronted with repeated damage to deliveries. This led to increased costs, customer dissatisfaction and inefficient operations.

Our solution

To meet this challenge, Schnellecke implemented comprehensive process documentation with our Sentics technology.

Increased efficiency

The automated Documentation of the process sequences enabled the employees to carry out the loading process precisely. As a result were minimises errors and increases efficiency.

Quality improvement

The process documentation helped to identify and standardise best practices. All team members were now able to access best practices and improve the quality of their work. 

Cost savings

The documentation enabled Schnellecke to prove that the freight was not damaged during the loading process. This led to savings on replacement deliveries and repair costs.


Thanks to the process documentation, Schnellecke was not only able to reduce damage, but also improve collaboration within the team. Misunderstandings were minimised and the employees felt more confident and independent.

Schnellecke's success story shows that careful process documentation not only saves costs, but also increases quality and leads to a more efficient way of working.

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