Optimize your loading and unloading processes and minimize risks with our automated solution

Discover the key to an efficient and secure supply chain with our innovative automated load documentation solution. Rely on our automated innovative technology to create accurate records during the loading process. Optimize your operations and minimize liability risks with our reliable system.

Sentics - ladungsdokumentation

How Schnellecke is redefining the transportation process with advanced load documentation technology

Learn how our customized solutions enable Schnellecke to precisely document and monitor every step of the loading process. From the arrival of the load to the safe loading into the vehicles, you will gain an exclusive insight into the efficiency gains and improvements in operational safety.

All advantages at a glance

Automatic documentation

Load securing with camera technology

Loading process for evidence purposes

Data protection compliant

People are made unrecognizable in the picture

Improving security

Through analysis of violations and individual measures for improvement

Alarm in the event of an improper fuse

Save costs

Personnel costs for manual video recordings are saved

Acquisition of the system amortizes in a short time

Our approach

Our technology enables precise documentation in real time. From the arrival of the load to its safe loading into vehicles, every process is recorded and documented in detail.

When a truck reaches the predefined loading zone, the camera recording is started automatically to capture and document the loading process without any gaps.