Make your environment adapt to you

Increase both your production and storage potentials and make your environment safe with only one system.

Collision prevention

If you use industrial trucks in your business and want to protect your employees and machines, our solution is the best choice for you.

AGV navigation

Despite a high level of automation and the usage of AGVs, undesirable situations often occur. We can prevent these through a holistic perspective.

Work analytics

Optimisation potentials are often hidden. Even in areas you didn't expect. We uncover them for you - all in compliance with data protection law.

Why Us

Disrupt your shop floor - make it safe

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to make companies and workplaces more pleasant and safer. In a work environment dominated by machines and increasingly self-sufficient due to advancing automation, we want to give employees more security and a sense of home, and companies to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Our Approach

Through smart mounting and communication between the AI-sensors, we create an intelligent network. Therefore, install the system just once and benefit from increased security and effectiveness of your working environment for years to come.

Our Core

Bad navigation? Inefficient warehouse?

Safety is the key

Whether it's employee satisfaction or overall efficiency. Only when everything runs smoothly the work is really fun - we help you to make that possible.

Industrial Automation

Numerous use cases are possible with our system. No matter if it is about loading ramps, people and vehicle crossings or related situations. We can solve all this with our INTI, for example.

Privacy by design

The collected data is processed directly on the sensor. Only anonymous data is transmitted to a computing server and forwarded to a desired device.

Sentics Platform

To get even more information, to inspect and analyze it, you will of course also receive our software analysis tool. There you can set and manage everything as you wish.

AI in the backend

Everyone is talking about AI and it has already become a buzzword. But we believe in it and see the great potential in our field. Try it out and see for yourself!


Beacons can be annoying. With our system you don't need to care about it anymore. Neither issuing nor maintenance or charging is an inconvenience now. This means that EVERYONE is protected at all times.

Many companies are following the trend of digitalisation. Why don’t you? Browse our website and find out what our system can do and how you can use it to increase safety and efficiency for your employees and your machines!

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Ensure High Efficiency of Your Workplace

All important data in 1 Place

Look for yourself or give staff extensive view and access permissions to queries, issues, changes, assets, solutions and reports with our software that offers a wide range of tools and analytics.

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